Windows Install

You have the choice between 2 installers depending on if you want to run BubbleUPnP Server for a single-user or for all users as a Windows Service and other considerations.

You can safely install the single user installer over a service install (and vice versa, a new install entirely replacing the other) but the configuration will be reset to defaults.

Single user installer #

Download installer

  • only runs when user that performed the install is logged in. By default, started automatically on user login using a Windows Startup folder shortcut (can be disabled with tray icon)
  • can use the iGPU for Intel QSV acceleration for Chromecast transcoding
  • tray icon for stopping/restarting the server, access web configuration, toggle running server on user logging
  • installed in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\BubbleUPnP Server
  • runs as process javaw.exe in Task Manager under current user’s account
  • the installer does not add inbound Windows firewall rules for port 58050 and 58051 for process javaw.exe for allowing remote access (Internet connectivity test). Depending on your Java config and existing firewall settings for it, you may have to allow these manually in the ‘Windows Defender Firewall’ program, for executable javaw.exe

Windows service installer #

Download installer

  • started on system boot as a Windows service. Does not require user login to run
  • On Windows Vista and higher, cannot use the iGPU for Intel QSV acceleration for Chromecast transcoding. QSV is performed only by the CPU
  • no tray icon. Stopping/restarting the server can be done via Start menu entries and/or services.msc
  • installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\BubbleUPnP Server (on Windows XP 32-bit: C:\Program Files\BubbleUPnP Server)
  • runs as process BubbleUPnPServer.exe in Task Manager under the ‘Local System’ account
  • the installer adds inbound Windows firewall rules for port 58050 and 58051 for process BubbleUPnPServer.exe, for allowing remote access (Internet connectivity test)

After installation #

At the end of the installation process, BubbleUPnP Server should be running. The installer will launch your web browser to configure it. Internet Explorer and the old non-Chrome based Microsoft Edge are not supported. You can also connect to it pointing your web browser to, launch the Desktop shortcut or use the tray menu entry (single user version). If the Web Browser cannot connect to BubbleUPnP Server, refer to the troubleshooting section.