Config Overview


The core of BubbleUPnP Server is a web server running on port 58050 by default for http and on port 58051 for https. It is used for both configuration and to provide the functionality.

To access the configuration, simply open in your web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer and the old non-Chrome based Microsoft Edge are not supported). The server must be running to be able to connect to this page.

On first run, you will be asked to set a login and password. This is used for remote Internet access.

The Web configuration interface shows several tabs:

  • the Status tab shows information about the reachability of the server from the Internet, networking details, transcoding support and the abilps ity to restart and kill the server
  • the Network and Security tab is for configuring your public hostname, login credentials and access control details
  • the Media server tab lists all the discovered UPnP/DLNA media servers detected on your local network and let you configure if they must be accessible through the Internet and/or if a proxy must be created
  • the Renderers tab lists all your discovered UPnP/DLNA renderers and Chromecast devices on your local network and let you create OpenHome renderers for them
  • the Settings tab is for configuring other aspects of the server and perform updates
  • the Help tab displays this documentation