Linux Install

Ubuntu and Debian based distributions #

If you already have the older Ubuntu package installed from the bubbleupnpserver PPA, this method is not supported anymore and it is highly recommended to reinstall the new package with instructons below. First, uninstall the PPA version and repository:

sudo apt-get remove bubbleunpserver
sudo rm -rf /root/.bubbleupnpserver
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:bubbleguuum/bubbleupnpserver

To install BubbleUPnP Server and its dependencies (mainly Java if uninstalled), execute these commands in a folder your user can write to:

sudo apt-get install ./bubbleupnpserver_0.9-8_all.deb
rm bubbleupnpserver_0.9-8_all.deb

After install, BubbleUPnP Server should be running via a systemd service. Connect to it with your web browser: http://localhost:58050 (from your machine) or http://<server LAN ip>:58050 (from another machine on the LAN).

  • runtime files are installed in /opt/bubbleupnpserver
  • configuration, log, cache and other data files are located in /home/bubbleupnp
  • BubbleUPnP Server runs under an unpriviledged bubbleupnp user and group
  • BubbleUPnP Server will self-update over time (unless you disabled auto-updates) thus there is no need to update the package itself
  • to start BubbleUPnP Server: systemctl start bubbleupnpserver
  • to stop BubbleUPnP Server: systemctl stop bubbleupnpserver
  • to restart BubbleUPnP Server: systemctl restart bubbleupnpserver
  • to check the service status: systemctl status bubbleupnpserver
  • to view the log file: less /home/bubbleupnp/BubbleUPnPServer.log.0
  • to manually edit configuration.xml: sudoedit -u bubbleupnp /home/bubbleupnp/configuration.xml (and restart the server)
  • to completely uninstall BubbleUPnP Server: sudo apt-get uninstall bubbleupnpserver

Arch Linux #

Install from the package from AUR.

Other distributions or alternate method #

Run BubbleUPnP Server with Docker, or follow the generic Java platform instructions.