Macos Install

This installer installs BubbleUPnP Server for 64-bit Intel macs. It has not been tested under Apple Silicon (M1) with Rosetta 2 emulation.

IMPORTANT if running under macOS Sierra or higher #

Look at /etc/hosts and make sure your computer local hostname is listed:

cat /etc/hosts       <hostname>.local
::1             <hostname>.local

Where <hostname> is your local hostname. If these 2 lines are missing, edit the file as root and add them. Without this, BubbleUPnP Server will run but will be much slower that normal.

Installation #

First, verify that Java 8 or higher is installed on your Mac.

To install BubbleUPnP Server, start a Terminal window, paste the command below, and follow instructions (it will first ask for your admin password):

bash -c 'curl -s | sudo bash -' 

Once installation is complete, BubbleUPnP Server is running as a Launch Daemon process that is started on boot. You can configure it with the Launchpad icon or via any web browser pointing to the server.

Controlling the server #

Using the command line #

You can stop the server with:

sudo launchctl stop bubbleupnpserver 

And start it with:

sudo launchctl start bubbleupnpserver 

If you wish to disable the server (it will not start on boot):

sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/bubbleupnpserver.plist 

And to reenable it with:

sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/bubbleupnpserver.plist 

Using a GUI #

You can also do all of the above with free utility LaunchControl. BubbleUPnP Server is found in the “Global Daemons” category.

Where is BubbleUPnP Server installed ? #

  • The core files and data files (logs, playlists, …) are in /Library/Application Support/BubbleUPnPServer
  • The launch daemon definition file is in /Library/LaunchDaemons/bubbleupnpserver.plist
  • The Launchpad app (which just spawns a web browser) is in /Applications/

Uninstallation #

Enter this command:

bash -c 'curl -s | sudo bash -'